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From Olympic torch relays to remote islands

We pride ourselves on offering total reliability in support of any size event, anywhere in the world.
We pride ourselves on offering total reliability in support of any size event, anywhere in the world.

Samsung Olympic Torch Relay

Event Agency George P Johnson approached KB Event in 2004 looking for a worldwide logistic solution for the Olympic Torch Relay . The brief was to supply identical touring systems that would leap-frog territories across Europe and Russia, as well as systems further afield in territories including Ukraine, Egypt, South Africa and Cyprus, all of which would accompany the Olympic Torch as it journeyed towards its final destination at the Games in Athens.

The three European systems were all built in the UK. KB’s Project Management team secured identical vehicles, (including a 7,5 tonne flat bed, 7.5 tonne box and luxury people carrier) for each system.  The bodies were stripped off an a custom build undertaken, fitting custom built dance platforms, revolve, video walls, generator rooms and set dressing. The vehicles were then fully graphic wrapped at the head office engineering facility, in sponsor Samsung’s chosen design, and provided a team of drivers including a project manager for each system, who toured the vehicles across Europe. In the meantime, our Project Management team also set about sourcing local vehicles in each of the other territories and made arrangements for local build, generator and technical kit fit out and then flew out graphics wrap teams to meet those vehicles at temporary warehouses to wrap them prior to the torch’s arrival, and unwrap them, post. Prior the event, KB’s Project Managers flew to each territory to discuss and agree the details of operation in each location before returning prior to each of the shows to oversee the safe and successful delivery of the live events.


In 2006, KB Event were approached by one of it’s clients for logistical assistance for a private party, due to take place in The Maldives at the start of the summer. The client had been contracted to take over one of the 5 star islands in the Republic and turn it into a bespoke party venue for a 4 day extravaganza. At that point, an event on such a scale had never been hosted in the Maldives, and certainly not as the brain-child of a UK Event agency.

KB’s Project Team, who already had contacts in the region, began working with their worldwide partner network to meet the event’s timeline. Set dressings, props and technical equipment had been sourced from all over the world and would need to be delivered safely and on-time in order to meet the tight load-in schedules. Several visits to the chosen island highlighted various issues in unloading. In addition, there was the question of local crew, local communication, and work permits, all of which KB’s project team willingly took on. Further visits to the Republic’s government offices secured strong working relationships with their customs teams and Minister for Tourism in advance of the equipment arriving as elements such as fireworks had previously never been brought into the Republic.

KB’s project team began organising the air and sea freight elements of the move including the customs clearance with teams on the ground as the shipments left the point of origin and again when they arrived in the Maldives. Sea containers containing set, catering equipment, golf buggies, plant, and musical instruments left from the UK and Bali, scheduled air freight containing flowers and the full range of technical equipment departed from the US and Europe, Bali and other locations. In addition, KB chartered an A310, and an AN12 – the largest aeroplane ever to have landed at Male – which departed from East Midlands Airport, loaded with high value and oversized elements.

KB’s Project team sourced a local warehouse close to Male airport which not only acted as a customs post, but also an area to sort and to prioritise loads as they landed. Once customs cleared, the show elements were then loaded onto 4 x chartered landing craft – contracted for a month- and taken by sea to the remote island, where they were off-loaded by KB’s on site team using plant already sourced by KB, and flown and delivered to the Island in advance. In addition, a secure area close to the port was secured and dedicated to the storage of the show’s fireworks.

Meanwhile, KB’s administration team continued to work with their local contacts to organise local mobile phones, in excess of 150 work visas for the UK crew, and the reams of customs documentation required for each shipment as it arrived in the Maldives.

Prior to the load in, KB’s management team had organised 120 local crew, and together they built a temporary warehouse and workshop area, installed cold stores for food and flowers, and fabricated and installed trackway all over the island.

Finally, KB’s Project Team were on hand as the party’s performers and guests began to arrive, to ensure that their entry into the Republic went without hitch.

And then we did it all again. But in reverse…

GM – Opel Vauxhall Mobile Auditorium

KB’s Project team were approached by Vauxhall Opal’s marketing agency to help with the launch of their new model Astra. Having been told that their creative idea could not be realised, PCI approached KB to ask if their idea was possible after all.

Having reviewed the client’s visuals, KB’s Project Management and Engineering teams spent several days on technical trials, working and re-working designs, until they came up with a solution which provided the kind of experience the agency wanted for their select audience.

Several weeks later, KB’s mobile auditorium, complete with bespoke tractor unit and one of KB’s specially trained lead driver, set sail for the event launch at dedicated driving track in Spain.

The mobile auditorium – a bespoke trailer, designed to be pulled behind a low height tractor unit – provided a high-end, luxury and immersive experience for automobile dealer principles, VIP Guests and  journalists out on the track, as a fleet of new Astras, piloted by stunt drivers, were driven around and beside the trailer as it moved. Complete with leather audience seating fitted with individual wireless headsets connected to a narrator, air conditioning, a high-end video and sound system and interior lighting run from an onboard control room, the trailer provided the ultimate way for the motor trade to see the new Astra up close and personal, without the need for being in the passenger seat.