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May 23, 2023
Driving Sustainability Together

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Specialist transport company, KB Event, and event creators, Showcase, have joined forces for a shared initiative called #DrivingSustainabiltyTogether, a campaign to continue to highlight their commitment to sustainability in live events.

With a professional relationship that spans almost 10 years and shared values regarding the quality of their operations and the impact those operations will have on future generations, it was during a production meeting in 2022 to discuss the question of sustainability, that the joint venture was brought to fruition.

The road to net zero is taking too long

KB Event introduced non-palm oil HVO to its operation – the first Event haulier to do so – in 2018. Although this alternative is more expensive than traditional diesel, since rolling out the HVO Biofuel to its client base, KB has seen a growing increase in those choosing it as a more responsible way to fulfil their events. However, although the cost increase taken over the total cost of an event or tour is not in any way prohibitive, it is, unfortunately, still a budget consideration and often agencies and management companies are left with a difficult decision when trying to meet end-users cost expectations versus striving to produce a sustainable event. However, in a bold move, the first of its kind from a UK event agency, Showcase have committed to running all of their events – regardless of whether or not their end-user foots the bill for the price difference – on non-palm oil HVO.

Ben and Richard

When asked about his decision to do so, Showcase MD, Ben Collings says, ‘this is not a PR stunt or a short-term marketing campaign on the back of an industry buzz-word or hot topic. This is about my children’s and my grand-children’s future, and about the impact Showcase is or isn’t having on that. Whether or not other agencies follow our lead is not our concern. Showcase has made a moral commitment to operate in the most responsible way it can, and that sits very well with me.’

Woking alongside Showcase in the #DrivingSustainabilityTogether campaign, KB Event MD, Richard Burnett – a recent guest speaker on the question of sustainable events at GEI15 – comments, ‘it became immediately apparent during our meeting last year that Showcase are as passionate about the question of sustainable events as we are. They, like us, continue to do everything they can to minimise their impact on the environment, proactively seeking better and cleaner ways to operate, rather than simply reacting to industry pressure and the latest hot topic. It’s amazing to add Showcase to KB Event’s growing list of HVO Bio-fuel clients and to see the continued shift towards more sustainable events across the market-place. Working with Showcase on this campaign was a no-brainer for us and we are hugely proud to continue to be their nominated trucking supplier.’

See details of the whole #DrivingSustainabilityTogether campaign here.

KB Event and Showcase Driving Sustainability Together

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