GEI15 – A Greener Tour Round IV Panel

March 7, 2023
GEI15 a Greener Tour - Round IV

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As KB Event continues to lead the way with sustainable trucking solutions, our Managing Director, Richard Burnett, joined the GEI15; A Greener Tour Round IV, panel, to discuss whether or not the industry was on the road to a Greener Tour now that, post pandemic, touring is back in full swing.

Speaking alongside Carol Scott from TAIT and Jamal Chalabi from Backlash Productions & AGF, and under the chair of John Robb, Richard discussed the sustainable solutions currently on offer through the market, and reinforced the point that not all HVO is the same and not all diesel alternatives are directly sustainable solutions. Although any solution is better than no solution, Richard stressed that it’s important for production teams to ask questions about the content of HVO – in particular, palm oil – and to establish whether the product being offered is more secondary off-setting than a primary solution.

Richard also urged the Music industry to support lobbying Government, to incentivise the use of HVO by reducing the level of fuel duty applied which is currently the same as normal diesel.

The feedback following the session was excellent, and GEI16 is planned for the 27th Feb 2024.

GEI15 a Greener Tour - Round IV

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