Madness: C’est La Vie Tour

April 8, 2024
madness nottingham

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madness nottingham


Hot on the heels of their latest number-one studio album, Theatre of the Absurd Presents C’est La Vie, the iconic British ska/pop band and their close-knit touring team descended onto venues in the UK.

Back in December 2023, we joined Camden Town’s very own Madness on their UK tour. The band blessed venues across the country with 80’s nostalgia and absolute madness.

We have worked closely with Madness for almost a decade on festivals and one-off shows, therefore providing the trucking for their C’est La Vie tour was nothing short of monumental.

“For this tour, we deployed 7 Artic trucks and drivers, who are well versed in going the extra mile to make the lives of production crew easier.” KB’s Managing Director, Richard, shared some insight into the logistics of the tour.

madness brings the energy

A strong team rapport and excellent communication from our Operations Coordinator, Louise King resulted in smooth load-ins/outs at every show—until the boys arrived…

“The funny thing is, the days would run smooth with the best crew and suppliers on board, it all went to plan, and then the band would turn up and madness would ensue” laughed Production Manager, Adam King.

The crew was friendly and easy to communicate with, and the band carried an amazing energy with them. “Their presence is like a hurricane, and it’s fantastic to see them carry that energy through to the stage and illuminate rooms each night.”

the tour drivers

Lead Driver, Pete Gregory, played a crucial role in ensuring the “smooth running” of load-ins and outs. He shared his extensive industry experience to support the crew with valuable knowledge and advice.

“They [drivers] are all great ambassadors for KB Event, their attitude towards the touring and local crew was exemplary” says Stage Manager, John Adams. “KB Event’s drivers are ‘the best’ he has encountered in over two decades in the business.”

It’s safe to say, with two ‘Kings’ on board and a team of experienced drivers, we were bound for success!
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