The first ever load-in at Manchester Co-op Live!

April 19, 2024
The new Co-op Live arena in Manchester, England, which is due to open its doors on April 23. Courtesy of Oak View Group

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The new Co-op Live arena in Manchester, England, due to open on April 23. Courtesy of Oak View Group

KB EVENT: The first trucking company to load into Manchester CO-OP Live!

We’re excited to announce that KB Event will be joining comedian Peter Kay, for the opening of the Co-op Live Arena in Manchester. April 23rd 2024, will mark KB as the first trucking company to load in to the UK’s largest live entertainment venue! Opening in less than a week, Co-op Live is assured to become the UK’s largest arena, with sustainability and audience experience at its core.

On tour with peter kay

After supporting Peter Kay’s tour since the beginning in July 2022, we were met with the opportunity to be part of the grand opening of Co-op Live alongside him. With a fleet of 7 Megacube Artic trucks accompanying the comedian, we’ve journeyed across the country, hitting every major city along the way.

Peter Kay is set to be the first artist in the world to perform at the arena, and following an overwhelming demand, a second date on the 24th has been added.

the UK's first 100% electric arena

Every element of Co-op Live has been crafted with the audience in mind. With comfortable tiered seating, and first-class acoustic and audio-visual technology, finished with the largest standing area of any indoor arena in the UK. Situated next to the Etihad Stadium, the venue is a significant chapter in the northern U.K. city’s celebrated music scene.

The arena is sustainably led, in both its design and potential future operations and is set to be the UK’s first 100% electric arena. The venue was constructed using locally sourced materials to reduce the distance travelled for goods to and from the site during construction. The venue was constructed from responsibly sourced materials to minimise waste.

sustainable transport

The venue aims to improve the canal side and pedestrian areas, enhancing green spaces and promoting walking and cycling. This involves investing in better cycling facilities, adding over 240 covered bicycle spaces campus-wide, and promoting public transport use when booking tickets.

As Co-op Live Arena promotes sustainability through walking, cycling, and public transport, we’re equally committed to reducing our environmental footprint. We are committed to implementing greener practices in our trucking operations and on-site facilities. Together, we contribute to Manchester’s new era of sustainable live events.

We’re honoured to be part of Manchester’s new chapter in live events.

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